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Platinum Series

CREA Blast

3D Nutrition Crea Blast is a scientifically-formulated creatine blend which has been developed to help shuttle creatine, and other crucial nutrients, directly to muscle cells where they can get to work replenishing ATP levels, increasing protein synthesis, enhancing muscle recovery and best of all, promoting muscle growth.




Quality is of highest concern to 3D Nutrition which is why we only use the highest grade of raw ingredients available and utilize the efficacious doses thereof to ensure optimal results.


3D Nutrition Crea Blast is manufactured using our 3D Taste Technology in order to provide you with a unique taste experience that is guaranteed to tickle your taste buds.


Muscle Creatine Combo Matrix
Crea Blast contains a unique blend of creatine monohydrate, creatine ethyl esther HCL, L-glutamine and taurine to help replenish ATP levels, aid in recovery and provide the muscles with much needed energy; all of which can lead to gains in performance and muscle mass.

Muscle Hydration Matrix
Crea Blast contains a blend magnesium amino acid chelate and potassium amino acid chelate to help ensure optimal muscle performance by replenishing the electrolytes which are lost through intense training.

Insulin Anabolic Matrix
Crea Blast’s Insulin Anabolic Matrix is designed to enhance the effects of the post-workout anabolic window. This vasodilation and transport matrix will help to shuttle the creatine, and other crucial nutrients, directly into the muscle cells where they can immediately get to work.


  • Improve performance
  • Increase strength
  • Enhance recovery
  • Increase muscle mass
  • Boost protein synthesis

Serving Suggestions:

3D Nutrition Crea Blast can be mixed in a glass or shaker with350ml of water. It is suggested to consume a single serving directly after your workout. On non-training days, consume a single serving of Crea Blast with breakfast.

  • After workout