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Platinum Series

Daily Support Pak

3D DAILY SUPPORT PAK has been designed to be the only training pak you will need.

Micronutrients play a vital role in metabolic processes occurring within the body, and the deficit of even one of these nutrients results in the sudden halting of optimal performance. Daily Support Pak includes all the critical nutrients you need in the most scientifically supported doses, to ensure that your body is the ultimate performance machine.

The lack of these nutrients contained within Daily Support Pak could lead to a lowered anabolic potential, lowered performance when training, and lowered nutrient uptake, making other foods less potent. Daily Support Pak fills these nutritional gaps, and provides performance benefits, with a comprehensive stack of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, anti-oxidants, and a powerful cognitive blend.


Quality is of highest concern to 3D Nutrition which is why we only use the highest grade of raw ingredients available and utilize the efficacious doses thereof to ensure optimal results.


3D DAILY SUPPORT Pak provides all the micronutrients you would need to achieve peak physical condition, in clinically proven doses. Each pak provides a single convenient serving, eliminating the need to dig pills out of various tubs each morning.


The DAILY SUPPORT PAK combines an anti-oxidant booster, cognitive enhancer, multivitamin support, and amino acid complex.

The Multivitamin Support provides all essential and necessary vitamins and minerals specifically for athletic individuals, in higher-than-normal doses to cater for the increased demand of these micronutrients in athletic individuals.

The Cognitive Enhancer increases cognitive function for those who train early in the morning, and for those who struggle to leave the bed first thing in the morning, as well as giving you more focus throughout the day.

The Amino Acid Complex provides BCAAs, L-Arginine, and Glutamine, all of which enhance your performance in the gym dramatically, as well as protect from catabolism.

The Anti-Oxidant Booster will assist in ridding the body of toxic ‘free-radicals’, which negatively impact your performance. This in turn enhances performance, muscle activity, as well as overall wellness.


  • Increases performance
  • Enhances vitality
  • Enhanced recovery

Serving Suggestions:

Take one pak in the morning, 30 mins before or after breakfast.

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