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Platinum Series

Shred Thermogel [120g]

Shred Thermo Gel has been scientifically formulated to shred that extra fat away, using patented ingredient formulations, and our revolutionary 3D Thermo Technology. L-Carnitine, Caffeine, and Raspberry Ketones are potent fat burning compounds, but many factors can reduce oral absorption.


Quality is of highest concern to 3D Nutrition which is why we only use the highest grade of raw ingredients available and utilize the efficacious doses thereof to ensure optimal results.


3D Nutrition Nitro Pump Gel takes the most effective fat burning formula available and puts them in a transdermal delivery system, the first of its kind! This increases the effectiveness of the compounds as they do not need to be digested first as well as allowing you to target exactly where you want to shred fat.


Each serving delivers caffeine, carnitine, and raspberry ketones, the most powerful fat burning compounds on the market, in a unique transdermal delivery system to scorch fat in areas you want to target.

The above ingredients are blended together with Tetrahydropiperine (THP) to penetrate deep into the dermis layer (where most fat is stored) to break fat down at the source. The addition of Benzyl Nicotinate and Oleoresin Capsicum to heat the area up and increase blood flow, allowing for up to 90% absorption with each serving!


  • Transdermal application for up to 90% absorption
  • Rapid acting
  • Area specific fat burning

Serving suggestions:

Do not exceed 8 pumps per day. May cause the skin to become red and flushed with a sensation of heat. These effects will dissipate. Wash hands thoroughly before and after application. Do not apply to neck or facial area.

  • Before Workout 1